Four scribes at Nightingale House

We had a terrific time at the Doors Open event on the weekend .

We sold books, made some new friends and visited with neighbours we hadn't seen in a while. Two days of blissfully hanging out in a beautiful garden with some really cool chicks.

I asked the resident hobgoblin to take a shot of the four of us. He can be held accountable for a whole lot of things but certainly not for this poor image quality. That was entirely my fault. I'm posting this only so you can see how lovely the setting was. From left to right would be me, Anne-Marie Shields, Maggie Wheeler and my mother Rosemary Rutley.

They don't think much of birds like him in the barnyard.

Warren Kinsella can be such a tit.

I was going to talk a bit about why I'm supporting Jim Flaherty in the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race. Mention, perhaps, that the next leader should, and I'm confident will, have the support of the whole province. Not just the city of Toronto. The selection process is in fact designed to ensure that very thing.

But I'm off to be a tree fairy or perhaps a chubby little garden gnome this weekend. (See last post) Don't have time to write about how afraid I am that the Dalton Boys are going to kick the living snot out of the " Rural Rump Calling Itself the PC Party of Ontario ."

What a tit.