Chick Quotas

The Middleman once blogrolled this site " Esoteric Chicks". Being cocky, but still a slightly damp, fuffy yellow peep, he's way too young to remember those old ads for Estoterica ... or I suspect, to understand the full impact of his humour, in a sad, 40- somthingthing, kind of way. The estotric interest of course being mature women in need of an effective, age-spot fading handcream.

I'll admit that Just Between Us Girls is fueled by estrogen but I'm also reasonably sure that a good number of roosters read this blog. And the roosters do have a lot to say these days about the number of women in Paul Martin's new cabinet ... you can read them here, here and here.

But I think the last word should go to a chick .

"Call me old-school, but I believe you should be awarded a job on merit. I couldn't give a flying canoodle whether the Minister of Finance was a black, Asian, Jew, male, female, disabled eunich or an exotic combination thereof. If they can read a financial statement and can spot mismanagement at fifty paces, then I want them in that office. If they�re more suited to learning the ropes, doing the research and making the Minister look good, then put them in the backroom. We'll all be better for it"

Couldn't have said it better myself .... but sure wish I had. You can find Nancy here at PolSpy or at her own coop here

I've also added another chick to the list. The Last Amazon gets a spot on the cool chick list for her writing of course but also her ability to get blog rolled at Trudeaupia. An achievement I have yet to realize.