Terms and Conditions

We consider these terms and conditions as an integral part of our business and a link between us and our customers. It is a way to have a mutual agreement towards in dealing events and liabilities that may arise during the processing of the orders like delays and damages. We feel great that you have chosen us to be your partner, furthermore, you must read and understand our terms and conditions for you to have a deeper understanding on our services, strengthen our relationship and to also to protect the reputation of our company.
  • Upon reading this, you are agreeing that you accept any errors and inaccuracy that may occur on this website’s content. Upon the fullest degree permitted by law, we do not hold any liability for whatever consequences that these inaccuracies and errors may sustain upon your usage.
  • You should take note and always remember that any product, process, technology and contents on this site may be the subject of other intellectual property rights reserved with our ownership and may not be licensed hereunder.
  • We provide 100 percent money-back on our services if there are failures and errors that happened within the time frame of generating and delivering the services. For you to get the refund, you must follow strict rules. Remember that we will not refund anyone after the order has been completed and you must also have a valid reason for asking a refund.
  • We reserved the rights to update these terms and conditions at any time without notice and with immediate effect.
We, the business and the customers should maintain strict confidence and shall not disclose to any third party the information or material relating to the other or other’s business which comes into that party’s possession and shall not use such information and material without given permission by the other party. All of these terms and conditions are establish for us to establish trust upon our clients and give them better understanding of our services.

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